About Tatarstan
About Tatarstan
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The Republic of Tatarstan is the most innovative and highly developed region in Russia. Tatarstan is located in the center of the East European Plain at the confluence of the two largest rivers, the Volga and the Kama.
Kazan is a capital of the Republic which outlie 797 km eastward of Moscow. 50% of the Russian population lives in a 1000 km radius of Kazan. Tatarstan is a vivid example of tolerance, where the representatives of different cultures and nationalities coexist peacefully. Kazan Kremlin, as a part of UNESCO World Heritage, includes the Moslem mosque and the Orthodox church standing side by side.
Total area:
68 thousand km2
3.9 million people
Moderately continental
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Invest and economic potential
The industrial profile of the republic is determined by the oil and gas chemical complex, large machine-building enterprises, as well as advanced electrical and radio instrument making. The proportion of small and medium-sized businesses of GRP is about 25%.
The Republic of Tatarstan is №1 due to the results of the National rating of investment climate. Tatarstan attracts more than 2 million dollars of foreign investment per day.
More information on the website: www.invest.tatarstan.ru.
Tatarstan Strategy 2030
The Strategy of social and economic development of the Republic of Tatarstan was adopted until 2030, and it also has the force of a law of the republic. The core of the “Tatarstan-2030” strategy is the thesis that man is the highest value, and human capital is the basis of modern economy, the key to success in global competition.
Transport accessibility
The Republic of Tatarstan is the most accessible for guests, that is largely depends on geographical location. On the territory of Tatarstan there are the two longest rivers of Europe - the Volga and the Kama; passes the Trans-Siberian railway, the federal highway M7, three airports, including two international.
By plane
International airport Kazan has got lot of straight flights from Russian cities: Moscow (1 h. 25 m. on board), Saint-Petersburg (2 h. 05 m. on board). International flights connect Kazan with foreign cities: Frankfurt (Aeroflot), Istanbul (Turkish airlines), Riga (AirBaltic), Helsinki (FinnAir), Prague (Czech Airlines) and others. More information on the website: http://kazan.aero.
International airport Bigishevo is out in 19 km from Nizshnekamsk and in 27 km from Neberezshnye Chelni. Flight from Moscow is 1 h. 40 m., from Saint-Petersburg – 2 h. 10 m.
More information on the website: http://nbc.aero/en.
By train
Every day several trains leave from Moscow to the capital of Tatarstan. The travel time takes from 11 to 13 hours. Also trains follow from the southern (Adler) and the eastern (Novosibirsk, Vladivostok) directions.
In Kazan, there are two railway stations: the central railway station (Kazan Passenger) and the North Railway Station (Kazan-2 - Passenger Rebellion). The central railway station "Kazan" is located in the center of the city, not far from the Kazan Kremlin. The railway station "Kazan-2" accepts through trains.
By bus and by car
Four federal highways M-7 "Volga" (E 22), P 239, P 241 and P 175 connect the capital of Tatarstan with the major cities of Russia - Moscow, Nizhny Novgorod, Ufa (with entrances to Cheboksary, Izhevsk, Perm), Orenburg, Ulyanovsk. The distance from Moscow to Kazan is 797 km, the travel time is 12 hours.
Bus station "Stolichny" - the main and oldest bus station in Kazan, serves all major bus lines. The bus station "South is oriented to the south and south-east directions.
By ship
Shipping is carried out along the four main rivers: the Volga, Kama, Vyatka and Belaya. River ports are located in many large and tourist-attractive cities - Kazan, Naberezhnye Chelny, Yelabuga, Tetyushah, Bolgar, Sviyazhsk. Short river trips are very popular among the guests and residents of the city.
Leisure and entertainment
The Republic of Tatarstan has a rich tourist and recreational potential and a well-developed infrastructure. Kazan is the sports capital of Russia, which won bids for international sport events: The 27th Summer Universiade, 16th FINA World Championships 2015, FIFA Confederations Cup Russia 2017, the 2018 FIFA World Cup. Three UNESCO World Heritage sites - the Kazan Kremlin, the ancient city of Bolgar and Island Sviyazhsk attract tourists from all over the world.
More information on the website www.visit-tatarstan.com.
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